Go Behind-the-Scenes in Hollywood with This Incredible Woman

Go Behind-the-Scenes in Hollywood with This Incredible Woman

Sparkle Holmes has always had a creative mind and she discovered early on that this endowed her with a unique gift. Able to identify the story behind each person she meets, she found herself drawn into the world of Events and Public Relations, and started her own firm, A List Group LA. With a client base that includes names like Nelly, Chris Brown , Ne-Yo and his wife, model Crystal Renay, she could have left her career at that.

But Sparkle is not one to stop just because she’s comfortable. The business woman is also a cast member of BET’s documentary-series, About the Business, and is a producer on the powerful film, Project Hollywood. Proving that nothing should stop you from chasing your dreams, Sparkle walks us through her career journey and divulges what each facet of the entertainment industry is like.

Starting A List Group LA was a struggle,” she admits, thinking back on the formation of her firm, “I knew I had the talent, but convincing others was a bit intimidating for me. The financial ups and downs of entrepreneurial endeavors are also a scary thing. And, when you’re first starting out, the ups and downs are more frequent."

Her passion for the industry saved her when things got hard. Focusing on the aspects of the job that she loves—making connections, building relationships, and helping others succeed—she’s been able to gain perspective and see each challenge as just a minor hurdle that she’s capable of overcoming.

As Sparkle’s work and clientele grew, she decided to branch out and take a new risk. Along with some friends who were also directly tied to the entertainment industry, she pitched the idea of showing what it’s like behind-the-scenes in Hollywood to network BET. The show was picked up and Sparkle found herself as a regular protagonist on 'About the Business'.

It was a fun experience for her and ended up teaching her a lot about herself and the  reality of some of her relationships.

I’m still a regular girl trying to figure it out…” she laughs.

When asked what she hopes viewers take away from the show, she says that she hopes they’re inspired to go for what they want in life. In particular, she hopes women realize that it’s possible to be successful and that success doesn’t have to come at the expense of others. There’s enough room for everyone.

With both feet in the entertainment industry, it may seem as though Sparkle had seen it all. She's a publicist to the stars and is, in fact, a star in her own right. But there was more out there and she was going to give it a try: she began working on Project Hollywood, a film based on the life of entertainment guru and lifestyle coordinator Kobie Randolph, as a producer. This process was new to her and differs greatly from her work as a publicist.

There are many, many moving parts to a film, but I find it much more rewarding [than planning PR campaigns]. In PR, it’s all about connections; however, it’s still up to the talent or project you’re promoting to prove itself to be worthy. In film, I’m helping take someone’s story and make it come to life. The great part is that I have the ability to promote the film I’ve produced!”

Sparkle currently uses Hobnob for small events with her friends and family and is also looking forward to using Hobnob for all of the screenings of the film. "It's great how different brands have used Hobnob for their events and I can't wait to use it for professional events - in addition to the personal ones - I have scheduled for 2017."

Sparkle and her work are a reminder that we should never give up on something we’re passionate about. From the inspiring content of Project Hollywood, to the support she offers clients at A List Group LA, to the honesty and fierce performances she gives in About the Business, she never ceases to encourage us to pursue our dreams. 


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