How This Emmy Award Winning TV Host Plans a Destination Birthday with Her Slam Packed Schedule

How This Emmy Award Winning TV Host Plans a Destination Birthday with Her Slam Packed Schedule

When your job is to report everything that is happening in the entertainment industry, it can be difficult to find any time for yourself (let alone plan a destination birthday party). With the hours spent in hair and makeup and the constant influx of celebrity news, planning the simplest of events can seem like a daunting task.

No one knows this dilemma better than the Emmy Award Winning TV host, Rocsi Diaz. This gorgeous, Honduras-born starlet has graced our televisions since she won BET’s “New Faces” contest and became a co-host of the network’s show, 106 & Park.

Now, she’s busier than ever as she prepares to host Coca-Cola’s AMA Red Carpet Pre-Show as well as produce her first ever movie project! It’s an exciting time for Rocsi, but with all of these incredible projects, planning a fantastic birthday party became all the more challenging—that’s where Hobnob came in. With its text-to-reply RSVP feature, Rocsi was able to curate and update her guest list.

“Hobnob helped me in so many ways, especially when it came to adding more people to my guest list,” she says, “[when first organizing the trip and managing everything else going on], it sometimes slipped my mind to invite someone. So, being able to access my contacts through the app made it easy to keep everyone on my list happy and informed!”

Always up for an adventure, the star decided to host her birthday in Colombia. Her good friend Natalia is from Medellin, Colombia, and after chatting about the location, Rocsi realized that this was the perfect place to gather friends for an exotic celebration.

The group stayed in Cartagena, Colombia where they were able to explore the Old City and the modern, palatial Sofitel Santa Clara. Their hotel was centrally located, making it easy to wander the streets, discovering all of the history tucked into every corner and onto the balconies of brightly colored houses with vibrant flowers.

With Hobnob’s chat feature, everyone who came on the trip was kept up-to-date on activities and agendas. Rather than sticking closely to a previously set itinerary, friends could take their time drinking strong, dark coffees and sinking their teeth into the savory bollos at breakfast. Then, with a quick glance at their phones, they would know exactly where the rest of the party was as well as add in suggestions for sights to see or restaurants to try.

One of Rocsi’s birthday highlights was visiting an old mud volcano that visitors bath in! “That was interesting!” she laughs.

But, better than the sights or drinks or cuisine that she experienced while in Colombia, the best part of the trip for Rocsi was being able to share this adventure with the people she loved. Getting everyone together in a location that none of them had been to before was an amazing opportunity, and it was extremely special to the television host.

“I recommend Hobnob for anyone who is trying to get more than three people together to do anything! I think it’s the perfect app when planning a dinner party or night out on the town or a big trip with a group of friends. It’s easy to set up your guest list right from your phone as well as keep everyone informed about changes through the chat feature. Sharing photos with everyone from the group is also such a cool tool. I’m using Hobnob whenever I have a big event to plan!”

So, what’s the next big trip for Rocsi? Actually, she’s focusing on family during the holidays and traveling to Dallas to be with them on Christmas. Then its 2017, and this woman is going to be taking the media world by storm! We can’t wait to follow her on our televisions and to hear about more exciting events that she hosts with Hobnob.

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