Your Exclusive Look Into the Edgy Surf & Rock World of Kut U Up

Your Exclusive Look Into the Edgy Surf & Rock World of Kut U Up

Surf world icon and Kut U Up singer, Chris Cote, took a moment to give us the inside scoop on his band’s latest show. Celebrating Superbrand’s “Fall Fiesta,” he shares what it was like for Kut U Up to dust off their instruments, get paid in surfboards, and curate an event with Hobnob. Read on to learn more.

The Return of Kut U Up:

After a bit of a hiatus, the members of Kut U Up felt the itch to rock out again. Technically, the band had never broken up, but there had been months and years when – for one reason or another – they couldn’t find time to play together. This is not too surprising when you consider the fact that Cote had been the Editor for Transworld Surf Magazine and traveled frequently for this job.

Ready to shred once more, Kut U Up picked up their guitars, bass, and drums, and eagerly began to play. They didn’t have a big end goal in mind, just a love for making music, but the jam sesh resulted in two brand new songs.

With familiar back-and-forth vocals, these new pieces are a welcomed sound to longtime fans, while offering something different from old hits. “Eyeline” is gritty and ominous, with a strong bassline that creates tension throughout. “The Numbers” comes at a slower pace, but is just as powerful. Throaty cries are layered over raspy vocals and big chunky rhythms hit you at just the right moment.

“The way [our friend and audio engineer] Chris Prescott captured our sound was exactly what we wanted,” Cote tells us, “a little more raw.”

Recently, the group was able to share their new material as well as old time favorites at Superbrand’s “Fall Fiesta.”

The Superbrand “Fall Fiesta”

Celebrating the release of their autumn clothing and surfboard lines, Superbrand threw a “Fall Fiesta” where they premiered a short film and encouraged guests to rock out to Kut U Up’s raucous sound. Held in the company’s warehouse office, the band played in the middle of a big open floor. They blasted the crowd with their music and shredded hard before chowing down on delicious food from FISH 101.

According to Cote, music and food are the two defining factors for any event—and as someone who’s traveled on the road with Blink 182, he knows a thing or two about parties. Cote always recommends hiring a live band or investing in a fantastic DJ, and making sure you serve mouthwatering delights and refreshing drinks (both with and without alcohol).FISH 101 “always bring the culinary magic,” and Kut U Up played hard and loud, so it’s no surprise that attendees had an amazing time at the event. Best of all, the payment for this gig was something every Kut U Up member could get excited about. At the end of the show, they each received their own Superbrand surfboard.


“It was an awesome way to get paid,” Cote says enthusiastically, “we tried to play extra loud and good because we wanted to earn those boards!”

Invites to the event were sent by Hobnob, creating an atmosphere that felt a little different from the bars/clubs that Kut U Up is used to playing in, but it was one they enjoyed.

“I love the ‘curated’ guest list you can create by doing these invite-only parties,” Cote explains, “we could really pick and choose who we wanted to play for! Not that there’s anything wrong with playing bars and/or doing the whole Instagram invite deal, but the personal invite will always be better. Plus, there’s reminders, and it’s so nice to be able to gauge how many people are going to show up. I like that Hobnob is a one-stop shop for all of that—and it’s so simple to use, too.”

With Superbrand’s select audience of surf and streetwear enthusiasts, Kut U Up was able to share their sound with people who could truly connect with its harsh edges and raw melodies. They gave it everything they had, and filled the warehouse to its brim with their music.

Kut U Up is continuing to create new music, play more shows, and bring the Kut U Up atmosphere to more events. You can follow them at @kutuupmusic and be sure to check back here for more Hobnob x Kut U Up shows!


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