From Free to Fee: Introducing Hobnob Plans

Thanks to the millions of amazing reasons you’ve had to send out a Hobnob invite over the last two years, we feel like we’ve been there with you cheering on new graduates, keeping our poker face at the card table, and blowing out countless birthday candles. In fact, over 6 million people have been invited to a Hobnob gathering! Nothing makes us happier than making it easier for you to connect in person with the people you care about the most—it is the singular reason we do the work we do.

To ensure Hobnob is there for more of your life’s most meaningful moments, we, too, are graduating to our next phase of growth. Applying what we’ve learned, next week we are introducing pricing plans. This graduated free-to-fee structure allows us the financial stability to continue to provide you the best service WITHOUT resorting to the battle-worn advertising model that plasters corporate ads across your most personal invites and messages.

We’ve listened carefully to our users and believe there’s a movement away from putting all our social interactions onto the platforms of megalithic giants, a growing weariness of sharing personal life events in forums that can spread across thousands of unintended eyes, and a definite recoiling from the business model that treats our time as just so many ad views. Hobnob’s goal has always been to put a premium on in-person interactions, real-life shared experiences, and more authentic communication. We can only do that in tandem with our users, with your support.

Hobnob Plans

We’ve learned how you all want to use Hobnob and are launching a host of features in response, continuing to help make your life easier, more entertaining, and fun.

One new roll-out is a free feature called Communities—ideal for specific groups who want to consolidate their events and chat. In between gatherings, group members are able to talk privately about their chosen topics in what feels like a custom app within an app. During beta for this feature, we witnessed a variety of successful communities take shape from yoga instructors, to sororities, classroom parents, soccer leagues, small businesses, and families. Because it’s all done in-app, invites and messaging within Communities are absolutely free. We look forward to seeing how this powerful tool continues to develop with wider adoption.

New pricing goes in to effect with version 2.14 and is subject to change. (Note: this is a change moving forward, no past events will be affected.)

New pricing goes in to effect with version 2.14 and is subject to change. (Note: this is a change moving forward, no past events will be affected.)

For personal use, we have made every attempt to create plan pricing that is affordable and worthwhile for everyone from the casual host to the most active coordinators. And yes, we’re even maintaining a Hobnob Free tier

You’ll notice that at every level, you and your guests still have unrestricted free access to many of Hobnob’s most popular features, including our stunning, “auto-magical” flyer designs that transform gatherings into must-do events. Guests are still able to RSVP and interact with events, and hosts are still able to share their invites via their own email, social media channels, messaging service, or to other Hobnob app users completely free.

Since texting across different phone services has carrier costs, and we continue to invest in developing and supporting the coolest, most efficient services possible, we’ve done our best to balance pricing across our Standard, Plus, and Premium plans. These options allow us the longevity in the business to continue to invest in further improvements for you, our users.

I realize there other options out there that send invites, organize friends, or share photos but, as CEO, I assure you that Hobnob wants to be the best at deepening your connections with your real life groups. We are working to redefine how these types of platforms are built and want to share the value we create with you. I invite you to stay with us on this journey. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at tfitch[at]

With deepest appreciation,

Tina Fitch

Co-Founder & CEO

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Optimizing Hobnob For Growth

Optimizing Hobnob For Growth