Marching for a Miracle: A Mother’s Love for Her Son and Dedication to Helping Others Like Him

Rachel was only halfway through her pregnancy when her water broke. Fear pulsed through her as her husband, Steve, rushed her to the hospital unsure of what this meant for herself and their unborn baby. When she arrived at the hospital, her mind raced as she stared back at the serious faces of the doctors and nurses who surrounded her. She tried to understand the gravity of the words they were saying, the long list of symptoms that were tied to the fact that her body had started this process so early. A process that was supposed to be beautiful, natural… how did it get so complicated?

This Young Actor’s Youthful Optimism Has Stolen Our Hearts

Watching Abraham Attah’s performance in Beasts of No Nation, it’s hard to imagine him as anything but an actor. The emotion in his eyes alone as he fights for his life as a child soldier, sends aches into our hearts. But, not long ago, he was just a young boy in Ghana playing soccer with all of his friends. With youthful optimism, he shares his story with us; how he landed both his defining role and one in the upcoming Spider-man: Homecoming, and what he dreams of for the future. Read on to learn more…

Mobilize: Beyoncé Made Him Famous, But This is Why You Must Know Laolu Senbanjo

For Afrofuturistic artist and activist, Laolu Senbanjo, art is inexorable. The urge to create is compulsory, as fundamental as breathing. It is with a zealous pursuit of his passion that he has garnered a notable following, which includes influencers like Beyoncé, who commissioned him to paint the body art in her music-film exploration, Lemonade. But his journey as an artist has not been easy, with trials emerging in his home country of Nigeria as well as in the United States. Still, his combination of symbolic cultural elements and modern, interpretive methods has elevated his status as a notable figure in the New York art scene, and his work is challenging the world to question how we think of the term “immigrant.”

This Successful Blogger Hit Reset and the Result Was Challenging But Worth It

When your career leads you to travel the world, make a ton of money, rub shoulders with celebrities, and win awards, what do you do? Quit of course! At least that’s what Necole Kane of XO Necole, formerly Necole Bitchie, did. And though the initial result was a terrifying drop in funds and a drastic change in lifestyle, she didn’t regret the decision at all. Now, she’s once again at the top of her game, but this time, she’s helping others get there too.

Mobilize: Artist Delphine Diallo Speaks on How Her Art Unites All

“People ask me why I only shoot black people, and I say if they think this, they have not looked at my work.” – Delphine Diallo.

The lilting voice of French-Senegalese artist, Delphine Diallo, is immediately calming and provoking at the same time. Like the Kung Fu she practices and the portraits she captures on film, her words hold a quiet power that rumbles beneath the surface.

Mobilize : Speaking Out in Washington DC

Saturday February 4th was the second time citizens came together in the nation’s Capital to voice their frustrations, concerns, and anger at the Immigration ban that has just been set in place. This was the second protest held in Washington, D.C. and consisted of 10,000 people. The protest before that saw a crowd of 20,000, proving that this ban is distressing to a large portion of the population.

Go Behind-the-Scenes in Hollywood with This Incredible Woman

Sparkle Holmes has always had a creative mind and she discovered early on that this endowed her with a unique gift. Able to identify the story behind each person she meets, she found herself drawn into the world of Events and Public Relations, and started her own firm, A List Group LA. With a client base that includes names like Nelly, Chris Brown ,Ne-Yo and his wife, model Crystal Renay, she could have left her career at that.But Sparkle is not one to stop just because she’s comfortable. The business woman is also a cast member of BET’s documentary-series, About the Business, and is a producer on the powerful film, Project Hollywood. Proving that nothing should stop you from chasing your dreams, Sparkle walks us through her career journey and divulges on what each facet of the entertainment industry is like.

Sharing Her Voice at the Women’s March in D.C.

When faced with today’s turbulent political landscape, Ghana-born writer, Jennifer Sefa-Boakye, was compelled to travel from Los Angeles, California to Washington D.C. for the Women’s March. But when asked about her experience there, she’s quick to point out the importance of the event, no matter what your ethnicity, background, or gender. Read on to learn more about this writer, producer, Ghanaian [and uniquely American] woman who walked with purpose when it really counted.

Discover the Visionary Creative Director Behind Maui's Most Alluring FEAST

Lush green grass sinks beneath your bare feet as you make your way to a low table draped with a hand-stained cloth. Bright locally-harvested flowers are bursting in a gorgeous table display while plates of tantalizing farm-to-table delicacies await. Find your place and ready your mind and spirit for a day of learning, crafting, and delicious cuisine. This unforgettable reception is part of FEAST, a celebration design company that focuses on gatherings that honor the sacredness of food and creativity. Each FEAST is themed and pairs a farm-to-table dining experience with a hands-on creative workshop.

A Trip to Ghana? No Problem

Director of Marketing for Hobnob, Catherine Hagan, recently visited Ghana during the holidays. As a first generation American citizen with roots in Ghana, she and her family/friends are still very connected to this country and its culture, and always enjoy a chance to return. The hard part? Organizing everything. Taking matters into her own hands, Catherine used Hobnob to set itineraries, identify meeting places, and share photos with everyone on the trip. Read on to find out more…


On November 15, 2016, six hundred Hawai’i high school students gathered together within the vast, sunlit walls of the Hawaii Convention Center. Before them, a panel of four speakers wore leis and smiled out across their audience.

Why Hobnob is Perfect for Team Moms and Youth Soccer

Any parent whose child plays youth soccer will tell you how amazing this sport can be for your family. Your children get to exercise, work as part of a team, and have fun—all while enjoying some fresh air!

The only catch?

Whether you’re balancing your own agenda or figuring out how to fit homework, chores, and other sport commitments between practices, scheduling can be a challenge. Not to mention the fact that team mailers and timelines can easily get lost in flooded email inboxes. 

How LaQuan Smith Created a Thunderstorm During New York Fashion Week

On September 14th, New York Fashion Week attendees gathered for the debut of LaQuan Smith’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Having earned a reputation for bold, sexy separates that have attracted the likes of Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian, Smith’s newest designs were awaited with bated breath. They did not disappoint! Inspired by the wild beauty of thunderstorms and motivated by his personal experiences in the industry, his latest collection was a commanding work of art.