Discover the Visionary Creative Director Behind Maui's Most Alluring FEAST

Lush green grass sinks beneath your bare feet as you make your way to a low table draped with a hand-stained cloth. Bright locally-harvested flowers are bursting in a gorgeous table display while plates of tantalizing farm-to-table delicacies await. Find your place and ready your mind and spirit for a day of learning, crafting, and delicious cuisine. This unforgettable reception is part of FEAST, a celebration design company that focuses on gatherings that honor the sacredness of food and creativity. Each FEAST is themed and pairs a farm-to-table dining experience with a hands-on creative workshop.

A Trip to Ghana? No Problem

Director of Marketing for Hobnob, Catherine Hagan, recently visited Ghana during the holidays. As a first generation American citizen with roots in Ghana, she and her family/friends are still very connected to this country and its culture, and always enjoy a chance to return. The hard part? Organizing everything. Taking matters into her own hands, Catherine used Hobnob to set itineraries, identify meeting places, and share photos with everyone on the trip. Read on to find out more…

Directing for Change with Zon D’Amour

Beneath the Southern California sun, rapper Lavell Streets watches as the woman he loves get married to another man. He stares ahead as words tumble from his lips, his lyrics a rhythm of bittersweet emotion. Just feet away, Zon D’Amour watches it all unfold.


On November 15, 2016, six hundred Hawai’i high school students gathered together within the vast, sunlit walls of the Hawaii Convention Center. Before them, a panel of four speakers wore leis and smiled out across their audience.

Why Hobnob is Perfect for Team Moms and Youth Soccer

Any parent whose child plays youth soccer will tell you how amazing this sport can be for your family. Your children get to exercise, work as part of a team, and have fun—all while enjoying some fresh air!

The only catch?

Whether you’re balancing your own agenda or figuring out how to fit homework, chores, and other sport commitments between practices, scheduling can be a challenge. Not to mention the fact that team mailers and timelines can easily get lost in flooded email inboxes. 

How LaQuan Smith Created a Thunderstorm During New York Fashion Week

On September 14th, New York Fashion Week attendees gathered for the debut of LaQuan Smith’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Having earned a reputation for bold, sexy separates that have attracted the likes of Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian, Smith’s newest designs were awaited with bated breath. They did not disappoint! Inspired by the wild beauty of thunderstorms and motivated by his personal experiences in the industry, his latest collection was a commanding work of art.

Rebel Comedian, Darrick Jones, is Using Hobnob to Change the Industry

Despite its humorous context, breaking into the comedy industry is no laughing matter. After experiencing the difficult politics of the “funny business” for himself, stand-up comedian, Darrick Jones, decided to take matters into his own hands. Inspired by his personal struggles within the field, he created an accessible platform for comedy’s newcomers, and used Hobnob to help spread the word.

Multi-Talented Yasmin Dar Uses Hobnob

Anyone who’s ever said you can’t have it all has never met Yasmin Dar Fasi. This stylish beauty is a mother, entrepreneur, and digital media specialist. From pursuing a career in broadcast journalism to starting a fashion company with her sister, she’s never been one to let opportunities pass her by. Now, with the help of Hobnob, this mother of two continues to produce fresh and fun content on her blog, MommyCrush, and is taking the fashion world by storm with, Dolkii. Read on to learn more about this busy style maven and her fabulous events.

Maui Surf Life

Two mountains, one valley, 120 miles of coastline, 80+ accessible beaches— Maui is a landscape that’s cranking out an ever-growing number of the best surfers on the planet. What is the island magic that’s conjuring this crazy amount of talent?

Back-to-back Surfing World Gold Medalist Tia Blanco Celebrates with Hobnob

Last year’s individual women’s and team gold medal winner, Tia Blanco, had her sights set on back to back titles. Jaco Beach delivered on waves and in 6 rounds of hard fought battles, Tia came out on top getting the gold again and bringing the USA Team enough points for a bronze medal. The ISA was instrumental in getting surfing into the Olympics, so this win in the year that it was announced was very special for Tia.